Tyrants Gaming

We are a small group of friends that met online on a private server of a game called Prefect World.

Davkas - Guild Leader

Guild leader, Game server host, currently website editer and the one whose mind wanders and gets side tracked very easily when playing solo.

Kirick - Vice Guild Leader

Vice Guild Leader and usually the one to keep the guild leader on task when questing ect.

Priela - Guild Staff/Admin

Guild Staff/admin and (other stuff goes here)

Games we play

Here is a list of games we are currently playing or keep going back to.

World of Warcraft

We were late comers to World of Warcraft (joining in 2017) we have a guild for Alliance and Horde sides.


We play modded mincraft (more to go here)

American Truck Simulator

We play modded ATS using the TruckersMP Multiplayer mod.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

We play modded ETS2 using the TruckersMP Multiplayer mod.

Conan Exiles

We started playing Conan Exiles during early access.

ARK Survival Evolved

We started playing ARK during early access.

Contact US

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